Renewed client confidence and good commercial and financial results against a challenging economic background


For the first half of 2012, Belfius posted EUR 252 million to net income – Group share(Bank & Insurance), a reflection of the commercial activities and of certain one-off items. Excluding those one-offs the net income – Group share would amount to EUR 139 million. "These results are down to the renewed confidence of clients as well as the efforts expended by our own teams", declared Jos Clijsters during the press conference of 6 September.
At the same time, Belfius continued to improve its risk profile in the first half-year by disposing of part of its longstanding investment portfolio and continuing to reduce its exposure to Dexia group. Finally, during the first six months of 2012, the name change, the conversion of the company into a stand-alone organisation and a host of other initiatives bestowing added value on Belgian society at large all went through successfully.

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