Belfius Bank & Insurance is on track

  • Consolidated net profit of EUR 255 million
  • Good commercial results
  • Implementation of the Social Plan now underway
  • Our social commitment on sustainability taking shape

Ever since it was acquired by the Belgian State, Belfius Bank & Insurance has been focusing on becoming an autonomous, sustainable and profitable financial player. And now there’s good news: Belfius Bank & Insurance is very much on track.

The first half of 2013 saw Belfius generate a net profit of EUR 255 million against a challenging overall macroeconomic background. There was also a significant improvement in solvency. Finally, Belfius has complied fully with all prudential standards since 30 June 2013. Belfius Bank & Insurance is also clearly living up to its social commitments, as can be seen from many achievements during the first half of the year.

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